Friday, October 25, 2013

Grenadilla Headjoint

By Tammy Evans Yonce

Tammy Evans Yonce
I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to try (and then purchase) a wooden Powell headjoint. I was interested in experimenting with the different color possibilities that I could get with the headjoint, and I haven't been disappointed. Having studied Baroque flute for a short while, I was curious if the headjoint would allow me to create that warmer wooden sound with so many subtle color variations that are possible on Baroque flute. 

Dr. Yonce in a recent recital with the grenadilla headjoint.
Not only are there a lot of color possibilities with this headjoint, but I've been really happy with how well it blends with other instruments. As a flutist who plays a lot of chamber music, it's nice to have a few headjoint options so that it is possible to choose the one that blends best with the particular instrumentation with which I'm playing. 

I've used this headjoint quite a bit in my daily practice as well as in recital since buying it earlier this year. It has been a flexible, useful addition to my Powell collection. 

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  1. I recently purchased a wooden head joint made by Di Zhao that a friend had offered to let me try. I literally fell in love with the sound! It fit my old commercial Haynes sad I couldn't use my Powell. So now I have the warm, full sound and my orchestral, bright Powell sound. I am loving them both!


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