Friday, January 3, 2014

Andersen Etudes, Op.15, No.1

Powell artist Paul Edmund-Davies takes a closer look at the Andersen Studies, Op. 15, No.1 in a video lesson designed to help us play the etude with musicality and technical proficiency.  He discusses a few points to consider to ensure success with the studies in general.  First, Mr. Edmund-Davies tells us that each study has a specific technical challenge, so we must look at it to discover this -- asking ourselves, "why are we playing this?"  He says that it is always important to play an etude with a good tone and to play it musically.  He suggests visually inspecting the etude to uncover difficult passages ahead of time.  Finally, he recommends playing some warm-up exercises before tackling the Andersen studies.

With Etude No.1 of the Op.15 studies, Mr. Edmund-Davies mentions that the study falls mostly within the flute's low to middle range.  He suggests adding depth to the lower range and then working your way up.  You will find the complete lesson in the video clip below:

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