Thursday, February 13, 2014

Andersen Etudes, Op.15, No. 2

In the video lesson below, Powell artist Paul Edmund-Davies discusses Andersen Studies, Op.15, No.2.  For this particular etude, he tells us that the biggest challenges are articulation and intervals, and he stresses the importance of practicing warm-up studies to focus on these areas.  Mr. Edmund-Davies explains that proper articulation on the flute must be learned because the English language, in particular, is a language that causes us to use our tongues very aggressively -- which is quite the opposite of the way we need to use the tongue for proper articulation.  He also helps us approach the etude in the most musical manner by making suggestions on note length and tempo.

To practice articulation and prepare for this Andersen study, Mr. Edmund-Davies recommends the Bach Sonata in A Minor, BWV 1013 for unaccompanied flute.  He also recommends etudes from his own publication, The 28 Day Warm Up Book, to address articulation (etude number 4) and intervals (etude number 7). 

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