Friday, August 1, 2014

Reinventing Classical Music for a Modern Era - Tammy Evans Yonce

Powell player Dr. Tammy Evans Yonce, Assistant Professor of Music at South Dakota State University, recently gave a TEDx talk about the current state of classical music.  In her presentation, Dr. Yonce illustrated three major points through discussion and performance:
  1. New classical music is being written, performed, and enjoyed by people every day
  2. Collaboration can happen globally
  3. The flute can be reinvented
These points were well-supported through her performance of the piece Dreams Grow Like Slow Ice for glissando flute and electronics.  The piece was written by Jay Batzner, a composer and professor of theory, composition, and technology at Central Michigan University.  Dr. Yonce is very active on social media and became acquainted with Batzner through Twitter.

Dreams Grow Like Slow Ice was premiered by Dr. Yonce at the 2013 National Flute Association Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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