Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tools of the Trade with Aldo Baerten

We all know that flutists are different and have various preferences when it comes their flutes.  That being said, we are starting a series of posts here with Powell artists and players, highlighting the specs and options of their particular "tools of the trade." 

We begin with Powell artist Aldo Baerten, who prefers Powell Custom gold flutes.  He feels that gold flutes “blend well, have loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaads of colors, and are sooooooooooooooo beautiful to see!”  Aldo eventually discovered the Venti  headjoint, which was designed in collaboration with fellow Powell artist Paul Edmund-Davies.  He chose the Venti for himself because he admired the design and commented that  it has “a lot of depth and richness.” 

As for options, Aldo 's choices are offset G, split-E, and C# trill. He says:
I have offset G, because it fits my hands better. I only had one flute inline, and I always had pain in my hands and arms. So, I’m definitely an offset G player, but that is of course a very personal thing!
I am also a split E person!  I think it is so good.  Why would you make it complex?  The E mechanism is ideal for making the top E round, more in tune, speaking better and being more beautiful. .................... I NEVER played a flute without it and probably never will! It is great!  Mine has a c sharp trill, which helps some trills and fingerings, but it is not totally necessary!  You can live without it, and I have had flutes without it...but it IS a great invention!
Flutes need to make you play the way you want and feel, and mine does – definitely! Colours should flow, articulation should work, and you should be able to express what you want and feel.....
For more information on Aldo Baerten, click here to visit his Powell artist page and here for his website.

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