Sunday, September 27, 2015

Masterclass with Jean Ferrandis

By Daniel Sharp
Sales Associate, Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Inc.

Master classes have the power to touch our musical lives in a very intense and memorable way. We’ve all been to inspirational classes which we remember to today. Powell Artist Jean Ferrandis recently gave a master class sponsored by Ithaca College and Powell Flutes on September 12th. The level of the performers not only impressed us, but also Jean Ferrandis. All four performers are students of Dr. Wendy Mehne at the Ithaca College School of Music, one of the nation’s top music schools. We asked the performers to take a moment to send us a few words about their experience playing for Jean.

Sandra O'Hare, Jean Ferrandis, and Wendy Mehne
"It was an incredible opportunity to not only hear Jean Ferrandis play, but to actually be able to work with him. I really appreciated how he kept everyone in the class involved, not just the performers, so that we could all experience new things and grow together as a studio. Jean was engaging and used a variety of different teaching techniques that I felt each of us were able to connect to in one way or another, and ultimately further our own musicality beyond the notes on the page. I would like to extend my thanks to Powell Flutes for helping to provide us with such a once in a lifetime opportunity!" --Sandra O'Hare, master class performer
Chelsea Kaye Lanphear and Jean Ferrandis
"I had the pleasure of performing "Sounds of the Forest” this past weekend for Jean Ferrandis. His energetic, honest, and constructive teaching techniques helped me explore new ideas within my own musical style. He created an environment where exploration was comfortable and productive. While it has only been a few days since the master class, I have already made vast improvements in my technique and performance practices because of the suggestions he gave. His musical character and performance styles are ones I wish and aim to emulate in my own upcoming recital. Thank you Powell Flutes for making this possible" --Chelsea Kaye Lanphear, master class performer
Sarah Peskanov and Jean Ferrandis
"My experience with Jean Ferrandis was quite wonderful and inspiring. As a flute player, I tend to focus so much on the music that I forget about the physical aspect of my performance. Jean Ferrandis introduced me to balance and different breathing techniques that I had never heard before. I learned to relax my posture and channel more air from the lower half of my body. Jean allowed me to release the tension I felt in my body while playing, which allowed my sound to open up and fill the hall. I definitely hope to work with him again!"--Sarah Peskanov, master class performer
"Before the master class with Jean Ferrandis, I knew I had played with tension in my body that resulted in a greater struggle playing and expressing, but I never had possible solutions. Probably the most important tip he had given was when he said that you should not try to relax because being completely unnatural and that, instead, you should feel free—free to move and free to play.  I had never thought about it that way and it has since helped me remove a large amount of tension from my shoulders."  --Ashley Watson, master class performer
"Having a lesson with Jean Ferrandis was an amazing opportunity. In addition to being a wonderful musician and flutist, he is also an innovative teacher. He discovers the core problems that many flutists face and is able to teach solutions in different and exciting ways. I learned so much from Jean. In working with him, I grew not only as a flutist but as a teacher as well." --Marissa Mediati, graduate assistant, had a lesson with Jean Ferrandis 

Jean was truly inspiring to my students (and me) with his creative, innovative teaching style and beautiful artistry in his concert.  My students are still talking about his visit and how much it impacted them. - Dr. Wendy Mehne

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