Saturday, September 21, 2013

Catching Up with Emma

Yesterday, we had the chance to catch up with young Powell flute artist, Emma Resmini.  She had a very full summer, which included much flute playing and a bit of rest and relaxation as well.  One of the major events of her summer was the James Galway Festival in Switzerland.  This year marked her second year in attendance at the festival. 

Sir James Galway and Emma
With a name like James Galway, even we were a bit nervous, but his celebrity status did not instill fear in Emma.  She thoroughly enjoyed working with him, and her mother noted his jovial rapport with Emma.  We asked Emma to tell us a bit more about her experience.  She told us, “It was fun – you got to perform twice, and it is really a great experience.  It is also in a really beautiful place.  I played alto flute in flute choir, too.  I like playing alto flute.  I don’t play it much, but when I do, it’s a lot of fun.” 

Sounded like a terrific time for a young flutist, but we were still curious about what it was like working with Sir James.  Emma said, “He always has good advice.  Last year, we worked on concertos, and he helped me with what to expect when playing the concertos with an orchestra.  He has very helpful tips, and I don’t have to change anything about the way I want to play a piece – he lets me play it the way I want.”  This last statement truly made us smile. 
Emma and Lorna McGhee,
Principal Flute of the Pittsburgh Symphony

Now that Emma is back in the U.S., she is fully into the swing of the school year.  Emma is now 13 and in the 8th grade.  She is home schooled but also participates in the National Symphony Orchestra Fellowship Program, where she is working on chamber music – a flute quartet, specifically.  For private lessons, Emma is studying with Alice Weinreb and working on the Reinecke Flute Concerto, Op. 283 and the Saint-Saëns Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso, Op.28 (for violin and orchestra).  Since the Saint-Saëns is originally for violin, we asked Emma if it was particularly challenging.  After all, string players do not have to worry about taking a breath!  Emma assured us that it is not too different.  She said, “There are only a few notes that are out of the flute’s range, so just a few octave changes.  I try to keep it close to how the violinists play it.”  Next on the performance circuit for Emma are solo performances in January with the Laredo Philharmonic and in June with the Shenandoah Valley Bach Festival Orchestra.

Emma with friends from the Galway Festival
(Elayna Sabelhaus and Chloe Ellen Jones)
and Lady Jeanne Galway.
Of course, we know that Emma is a wonderful young flutist, but what about her current hobbies and interests?  Well, she told us that this year she started taking a Spanish class.  She enjoys it and says that it’s “going well so far – we’re learning greetings.”  Sounds perfect to us!  Like many others, she is also a fan of the computer.  We noticed that she responds personally to questions on her YouTube channel (her channel is located at  She said, “Yes -- I think it’s nice that people ask questions.”   She now has her own Facebook page, too, so we wanted to take a look.  She explained that her profile picture was taken with a friend at a Renaissance festival.  Emma told us that she really enjoys Renaissance festivals and that the food is “really, really good – everything is on a stick.”  Well, that certainly made us hungry!  We asked if there was something about that particular time in history that she liked, but she says these events are “just fun festivals.  They have lots of shops and games, and most shops have corsets and dresses.”  Definitely sounds like fun to us!  Her mother shared that the past summer was also, “the summer of rollercoasters,” during which the family visited four different amusement parks with a total of about 30 rollercoasters.   Emma is a dedicated fan of these rides, and her mother tells us, “the bigger the better!”

We enjoyed our conversation with Emma, and as always, we were curious to see if she had any more advice for younger players.  She says, “Just play the best you can and try to have fun – that helps!”  We couldn’t agree more.  If you are attending the 2013 Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, Emma will be a featured guest at the Powell Flutes booth on Thursday, December 19th.  We hope you’ll stop by to meet her!

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