Thursday, October 23, 2014

Keep it Positive

By Cynthia Ellis

When teaching, tell students what TO do as opposed to what NOT to do.  I constantly hear teachers telling students negative commands: Don't tongue sloppy, Don't breathe there. How much easier is it to learn when a student hears: "Try tonguing like this" (and then show an aural example and explain what you are doing) or "Consider breathing here because the phrase is longer, if you need a catch breath, try this spot instead." Another positive comment about breathing might be "consider playing softer so you can make the long phrase and as you get confidence, play a little louder."  Notice the difference in your own reaction to reading a negative command based statement versus a positive solution based statement.  Good teaching is positive and supportive, and does not break down the student. There are times to 'wake up' a recalcitrant student, but again, keeping it positive and kind is always the best choice.

*Note - This article first appeared on the "Teaching Tips" section of Cindy Ellis's website.

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