Friday, June 26, 2015

Improving Articualtion with Leone Buyse

Click this caption to watch the full video lesson.

If you've struggled with articulation exercises, Powell artist Leone Buyse has a terrific video lesson on the MUSAIC website.  In this three-minute lesson, Ms. Buyse briefly touches on the Taffanel-Gaubert scales, which she practiced in the past using different articulation patterns to improve her articulation.  However, after acting on the recommendation of her colleague Linda Chessis, Ms. Buyse now uses the Altes Method for articulation exercises.  She specifically recommends practicing pages 213-215 and demonstrates a bit of these in the lesson.  She recommends practicing these very slowly to "find a good core sound and also to try to get a ringing quality" to her articulated sound.  After practicing these exercises slowly with single tonguing, she found that it has greatly helped her double tonguing.  The suggested tempo is the quarter note equal to 100-120, although she says they can be played "as fast as a quarter note at 184, which is really fun to work up to."  Follow this link to watch the full video lesson on the MUSAIC website.

To learn more about Leone Buyse, click here to view her artist profile page on the Powell website.

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