Sunday, June 14, 2015

Triplets with Paul Edmund-Davies

Powell artist Paul Edmund-Davies focuses on triplets in his third lesson in his series on sonority.  Whereas the three notes of the triplet are equal in duration, he mentions that he prefers to play the first note of the triplet just slightly longer to help play the figure musically.  He does emphasize that there is a "fine line" between expression and playing something so unevenly and out of tempo that "we make ourselves ill."  His illustration of this concept is really quite funny!  Once again, with his wonderful light-hearted sense of humor, Paul makes us laugh while demonstrating his ideas very clearly.

He also reminds us that there should be a great degree of flexibility and flow when playing triplets, especially if we are to play them expressively.  The lesson is based on a four-bar phrase that is 15 seconds in duration.  Paul suggests taking a breath after the second measure when you first begin practicing the four-bar phrase.  When one is able to bring the phrase up to tempo (quarter note = 60), it should be possible to play it all in one breath.  Click here to view the full lesson on Paul's Simply Flute page.

Sample of music for the Sonority 3 lesson. Click here to view the full lesson. 

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